Walking the Somme Battlefields with Guided Battlefield Tours

On our walking tour of the Somme Battlefields in 2014, Ian Northcott, a seasoned traveller with Guided Battlefield Tours, made a video of the tour.  The battlefield walks took us through the well-known places of 1 July such as Serre, Beaumont Hamel, Fricourt, Mametz and Thiepval.  As we walked from the Lonsdale Cemetery to Thiepval, we paused at the Leipzig Redoubt where so many of the young men lost their lives.  We all found the Sunken Road a most poignant stop as we looked at the famous picture of the Lancashires taken by Mallins as they waited to go over the top. As we walked down the Old Beaumont Road we thought of the countless men who had walked on that spot in 1916.  The film shows these battlefields and respects those who gave their lives in the Great War, yet it also shows the warm atmosphere and comradeship that always develops on our walking tours of the battlefields.  Ian runs a charity ‘Socks and Chocks’ which helps the homeless.  We thank him for allowing us to use the film on our website.