Mr H, Lichfield 2018

“Exceptional. The knowledge and personal stories made the tour feel very human rather than just dry history.”

Mrs C, Farringdon 2019

“Thought that I would write to tell you how great your guide pack and our trip was.”

Mr F, Newton Abbot 2019

“The pack was extremely helpful, pulling so much information together in one easily digestible offering.”

Mr G, Abingdon 2018

“The tour design was inspired. My fourth tour … all have transformed my understanding.”

Mrs B Lincoln 2017

“Amazed by Steve’s knowledge and passion. You brought it all to life (fantastic). So thrilled with everything.”

Mr M, York 2016

“Well planned throughout. It is obvious that you do an awful lot of research and planning.”

Mr S, Fleet 2016

“We came to pay our respects to our uncle. We could not have achieved anything close to what you provided.”