Our Self-drive Tour Packs

The purpose of our self-drive tour packs is to bring history to life. The battlefields have changed greatly since the two world wars; when standing on sites today it is often difficult to gain a sense of the dramatic events which took place there over 70 years ago. The silent woods, cultivated fields and peaceful cemeteries which we see today were once the scene of heroism and horror, where armies faced each other and men lived. Our purpose in running our successful guided coach tours for over ten years has been to bring these events to life and our self-drive tour packs do the same.

Your tour pack will focus specifically on what you wish to see. It will provide you with the detail of events on sites and of the experiences of the men involved, as well as appropriate maps, photographs, eye witness accounts or original documents. The tour can also take you on a journey in the footsteps of a family member.

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We will design the tour pack to meet your particular needs; we will ask you how much time you have available and any other preference, such as the amount of walking that you wish to do. It will be your tour designed to meet your special interests and needs. You will have the flexibility to follow a tour at your own pace and in the manner you choose.

Just to stand on the site of a great event from history or on the ground where a relative served can be a very powerful and emotional experience. Some of the most atmospheric sites are those which are least visited and it is still possible to see clear evidence of the wars if one knows where to look. Your pack will be a product of the extensive research and hundreds of visits which we have made to sites from World War 1 and World War 2.