2018 Tour Dates

Next year we are offering three special World War 1 tours to commemorate the Centenary of the final year of the war. As a result of popular demand we are also offering two World War 2 tours.


World War 1 Tours


Walking the Western Front:                                      3-6 August 2018

Walking the World War 1 battlefields is an excellent way to understand the events of the war. This special tour will offer six walks which follow key events from 1914 to 1918. Walks include iconic sites, such as the Christmas Truce of 1914 and sites from the major battles of the war, including the Somme, Arras, Messines, Passchendaele and the campaigns of 1918.

*£555 per person

For this tour you will stay at 4 star Mercure Arras Centre Gare


Treading in Tommy’s Footsteps 2018:                      28 Sept-1 Oct 2018

This special commemorative tour will tell the story of the last year of the war.  A highpoint of the tour will be to stand, 100 years to the day, where British troops broke the Hindenburg Line, the historic event which led directly to the Armistice. The year 1918 saw many of the most dramatic events of the conflict, which include the onslaught of the German Spring offensives and the Allied campaigns of the Summer and Autumn leading to the final victory. We will visit sites, such as St Quentin and Ginchy, where British soldiers fought desperately to stem the German advances in the Spring. In addition, we will visit sites of key battles, such as The Battle of Amiens, which saw the turn of the tide against Germany.

*£555 per person

For this tour you will stay at 4 star Mercure Arras Centre Gare

Armistice Centenary Remembrance  Tour:                9-13 November 2018

Undoubtedly, the highlight of this extended five day tour will be to stand in Ypres during the parade and Last Post ceremony 100 years to the day of the Armistice. The tour will mark the 1918 Centenary by visiting sites from key events of the final year of the war. We will also visit Mons, the town where the British Army saw its first action in 1914 and where its war ended in 1918; here we will also see the graves of the reputed first and last Commonwealth soldiers killed in the war.

*£635 per person, including dinner on day 1 and day 4

For this tour you will stay at the 4 star Hotel Altia, Neuville-en-Ferrain


World War 2 Tours

Dunkirk: Operation Dynamo:                                      18-21 May 2018

“The miracle of Dunkirk” has become one of the most enduring images of World War 2. Beyond all expectation, the British Expeditionary Force was evacuated from France in May and June 1940. The “miracle” was achieved through improvisation and outstanding organisation, but it was also reliant on the bravery of sailors, airmen and soldiers, many of whom held open the corridor to Dunkirk through which the retreating troops could pass. This tour tells the story of the evacuation and visits sites where many of the dramatic events and acts of heroism took place.

A bonus on this tour will be the ability to attend the Last Post Ceremony at the Menin Gate.

*579 per person

For this tour you will stay in at the 3 star Novotel Centrum Ypres Flanders Fields


D Day and the Normandy Beaches:                          1-4 June 2018

The Second World War D Day landings on the coast of Normandy on 6 June 1944 were the largest and most complex military undertaking in history. To be successful, the Normandy D Day invasion force would have to be overwhelming. The problems involved in planning and undertaking the D Day landings were massive.

The story of the Normandy landings from the coast of Britain was an event that powerfully evokes the courage and sacrifice of those who took part in the D Day battles. Our WW2 Normandy tour visits the sites of some of the most dramatic events of D Day from both the British and American sectors.

*£589 per person

For this tour you will stay in the 3 star Royal Hotel Caen Centre

*The tour price is per person sharing a twin or double room. There is a single room occupancy supplement of £100.

The price of all our tours includes:

  • limited group sizes
  • all travel from the pick-up point
  • hotel accommodation and buffet breakfast
  • all museum entrance fees
  • all excursions
  • the services of a full-time guide and a tour manager who are available throughout the day and evening
  • an information pack
  • tea and coffee each day on tour
  • bottled water each day